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Dsc 1485

Beet molasses

Beet molasses is a high-energy and highly digestible feed raw material.


Molasses can be fed in limited quantities to various types of animals, increasing the digestibility of dry matter and organic matter of the diet, positively affecting the consumption of feed by animals, improving the taste of the diet.


Due to its unique composition of chemical elements, molasses is also one of the main additives for fishermen. First, it is very nutritious and high in calories. Bait with molasses has great nutritional value and smells like a satisfying product for fish. Secondly, it has a good laxative effect. That is, it does not allow the fish to overeat and lose interest in food.

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Concentrated corn extract

Condensed corn extract is a thick opaque liquid in consistency, yellow-orange in color, and has no extraneous odors.


Due to its useful components, it has found wide application in animal husbandry and is a valuable product for fishermen and those engaged in fish farming in closed reservoirs. The extract is rich in proteins, soluble carbohydrates, starch, fats, mineral salts, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. Contains amino acids, minerals and other growth stimulants. It is used as a connecting part in the granulation of fodder and compound feed; can serve as a high-protein additive when feeding livestock (in particular, it enriches feed with protein and carbohydrates).

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The correct selection of fodder is the key to success in keeping and breeding farm animals. At the same time, the organization of food is the most time-consuming and expensive process.


All species and breeds of farm animals need a certain set of nutrients, so high-quality and balanced feed is the key to success. Our feed is a high-quality, environmentally friendly product with a high protein content.


This type of product is used in livestock enterprises as feed and feed additives in the daily diet of birds, pigs, cattle and fish.

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We help with the organization of reception and storage of molasses, we design and build molasses storage facilities.

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