Korm 1

Dried non-granulated beer grain, 1 ton

Price on request

Humidity – no more than 9%
Protein – at least 24%
Carbohydrates – 20.5%
Fats – 8%
Fibers – 17%
Ash content – no more than 2%

Dried non-granulated beer grain

Brewer’s grain as a by-product of brewing is traditionally used for feeding animals. This slurry contains grain shells and crushed particles of barley grain. In fact, it is an ecologically clean supplement with a large amount of protein, useful trace elements and vitamins.
During drying, the percentage of protein increases significantly. Plus, the dry substance is suitable for longer storage.
It is used for feeding animals and poultry. The use of beer grain helps to increase productivity:
live weight gain;
increasing milk yields.